• PTNKish has signed a research contract with Razavi Quality Institute in order to produce scientific content as well as study the different areas of the global halal industry.
  • In order to expand the scientific activities of PTNKish Company in the field of electronic training courses with the ANZI collection from Australia, the partnership agreement was concluded and PTNKish was introduced as the representative of this institute in Iran to hold courses. It should be noted that the registration form and courses specifications will be announced soon through the company's website.

  • PTNkish has succeeded in signing a partnership agreement with LISCADEMY from Ireland. This collection is of the most prestigious e-learning collections in the field of management and investment, which is represented by the PTNKish in Iran. It should be noted that the registration form and courses specifications will be announced soon through the company's website.

  • According to necessity of having the latest software and hardware in the virtual world, as well as holding of e-learning courses, PTNKish has signed a partnership agreement with CrystalView HD. The company is active in the field of software and hardware for video communication, video conferencing and modern technologies.
  • According to necessity of optimizing soil and water resources, modern technology is currently being used in agriculture, and PTNKish, as one of the companies active in the field of new technology imports, has signed a partnership agreement with GreenFeed and representation of the company's products in Iran was awarded to PTNkish.

  • PTNKish Company visited the Malaysian Food and Drink Exhibition (MIFB 2018) in the form of a business delegation of Iranian manufacturers and traders. During this visit, negotiations took place in the field of cooperation on export of Iranian products to other countries
  • In order to familiarize Iranian retail and hypermarket industries with retail industry in Southeast Asian Countries, PTNKish provided a professional and educational visit in Malaysia and Singapore for a group of Iranian specialists. At this visit a traning course was held on the retail industry by one of the outstanding professors and advisers os Tesco and specialized visits from Malaysian MYDin Hypermarkets and Singapore's MYoutlet Hypermarket were took place.
  • In order to expand Iran's commercial markets and the countries that produce strategic products which needed by Iran, PTNKish has signed a common cooperation agreement with JNL Company of Ukraine as one of the companies providing agricultural products and was introduced as the exclusive representative of the company in Iran.
  • In order to expand business cooperation, PTNKish managers conducted a series of visits to well-known factories and companies in the Southeast Asia that can trade with Iran, including NUTRILIPID which produce fat powder and animal feed, the STRATTON trading company and the NAT ORIENT RESOURSE factory in Palm Oil.
  • During a meeting between the directing manager of PTNKish and Ms. Datuk Jalila Wira Baba, the chairman of the IBAC's ASEAN Trade Council, IABC, some agreements in the areas of joint cooperation were reached, such as the development of trade exchanges between Iran and ASEAN countries, as well as the dispatch and acceptance of trade delegations.

  • PTNKish Company hosted the first Halal Brand Professional Meeting with the presence of the best international professors on February 6, 2018 in Mashhad, in cooperation with the Mashad International Exhibition

 ( Mashad Expo ).

  • PTNKish Company and SustNET Association ,as its Malaysian counterpart , attend the first trade fair of the littoral countries of the Caspian Sea from February 28 to March 2, 2018 in Sari.
  • The world's largest Halal industry exhibition was held in Kuala Lumpur from April 4-7, 2018, in which PTNKish participated in the exhibition in the form of a business delegation, and various memorandums and contracts were signed during this exhibition.
  • PTNKish has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with DSPG Consultancy (CAMBODIA) Co. LTD to expand its activities in the Southeast Asia.
  • PTNKish attended the Iran JOBEX exhibition as an international partner of the Iran job Center and during the exhibition presented its capabilities in the field of international recruitment. The exhibition was held from April 25 - 28, at the permanent international fair grounds in Tehran.
  • During the MIHAS 2108 exhibition, PTNkish held meetings with IRAN-ASEAN Business Council, in which the parties emphasized the importance of expanding Business and education cooperation, and agreed to exchange mutual cooperation protocols as soon as possible.
  • Regarding the Halal Brand meeting in Iran, PTNKish representatives attended the World Halal Conference held on April 4 -5, 2018 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Representatives of PTNKish Company held meetings with Halal Brand exporter representatives in Kazakhstan and South Korea on the sidelines of the MIHAS 2018 exhibition, in order to expand the business and educational cooperation on the Halal industry.
  • With the aim of the presence of Iranian products in Global Markets, especially the Halal market, PTNKish has made an agreement with the most authoritative Halal Asia hypermarket called MY OUTLET and it was set up that Iranian colleague of this hypermarket will be introduced through the PTNKish Company in order to start joint activities and the presence of Iranian products in the Global Market. It should be noted that this hypermarket has branches in Singapore, Malaysia, China and Japan.

  • PTNKish Company obtained Economic Activity License and the License of Import and Export of all Authorized Goods from The Kish Free Zone Organization.
  • In order to develop training activities, PTNKish has succeeded in concluding a common collaboration agreement with WIDM Scientific Institute from Canada, which will include the development of educational activities and organizing common conferences and workshops.
  • As India has been one of the target countries for PTNKish to expand its activities, a common partnership agreement was signed between the company and New Invention Methodology India.
  • PTNKish was selected by Shahr-e-Aftab International Exhibition as the main organizer of Lightning and Related Equipment Exhibition in August 2018.
  • After passing the legal process, PTNKish introduced as a legal member of Iran Scientific Commerce Association (ISCA) and the Iranian Society of Training and Development (ISTD).
  • In order to expand cooperation with the CIS countries, PTNKidsh concluded a common cooperation agreement with the Iranian Business Center in Kazakhstan (IRBC), which is based on following:
    • Organizing exclusive exhibitions in Kazakhstan
    • Dispatch and acceptance of business and exhibition delegations
    • Development of educational and commercial cooperation
  • Considering the importance of the South Asian market as well as the countries of ASEAN region, PTNKish has received the representative of 14 reputable international exhibitions in Iran, which is held in the fields of Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Environment and Water, Medicine, Dental, Plastic Surgery, and Security, in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bangladesh, Brunei and Myanmar. It is worth mentioning that this deal is in the form of a partnership agreement between PTNKish and the prestigious FIREWORKS Company.

To develop international partnership with two credible Malaysian companies with industry-leading business and educational activities on a global level and to hold joint training courses, investment advice and participation in international exhibitions, PTNkish Company has signed a joint contract and it was decided that a certificate will be issued from Malaysian universities by participating in joint training courses. Moreover, holding training courses and providing for needs of hardware and software via remote will also be provided.

In order to expand scientific and commercial cooperation with Africa, as one of the investment opportunities, PTNkish Company has signed a memorandum of understanding with SDI Company in Kenya, which has an active office in South Africa. In this memorandum of understanding, education and investment are among the priorities of the cooperation.

PTNKish has signed a joint contract with the prestigious Audit & Risk Corporation in Switzerland to benefit from the experience of leading countries in the area of investment and investment risk management.

Due to the growing development of ASEAN countries in the last few years and the visit of Iran's officials to these countries, PTNKish has succeeded in signing a joint contract with The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. It should be noted that this university is considered to be the largest private university in Thailand and has formed partnership with more than 60 countries and has branches in several other countries. PTNKish Company intends to provide direct contact with Thailand's businessmen and traders in the field of business and provide investment opportunities and attract investors.

PTNKish Company has signed a joint contract with Poya Andish Aria as an international fellow at the exhibitions hosted by the company in order to jointly host international exhibitions in Iran. It should be noted that the first collaboration would be at the International Exhibition of "Investment Opportunities in Stock, Insurance and Banking Industry" from 13th to 16th February, 2018 in Sun City Expo in Tehran.