Ongoing and future projects:

PTNKish has obtained the representative of 14 international exhibitions in Iran. This representation was granted to PTNKish in terms of a partnership agreement between PTNKish and the prestigious FIRWORKS Company as one of the leading Asian sponsors and organizers in the fields of exhibition. Accordingly, we invite all public and private economic activists who are interested in sending a delegation or present as exhibitor or visitor at the following exhibition to send their request to

  • Bangladesh water Expo 2018 (10-12 May)
  • Bangladesh renewable energy show (10-12 May)
  • Water Tech Myanmar 2018 ( 27-29 June)
  • Renewable energy Myanmar Expo 2018(2-4 August)
  • Oil & Gas Philippines 2018 (2-4 August)
  • Medical Philippines 2018 (4-6 September )
  • Oil & Gas Thailand 2018 (6-8 September)
  • Renewable Expo Asia 2018 (6-8 September )
  • Plastic surgery Myanmar expo 2018 (10-12 October)
  • Medical Myanmar 2018 (10-12 October)
  • Oil & Gas Brunei 2018 (10-11 October)
  • Oil & Gas Vietnam 2018 ( 23-25 October)
  • Agriculture Expo Indonesia ( 31 October-1 November)
  • Counter Terror Asia Expo Singapore (4-5 December)


Due to common partnership with international business-exhibition partners, PTNKish is ready to provide all services for setting up the pavilion at international exhibitions, dispatching business-exhibition delegation, as well as organizing exclusive exhibitions of Islamic Republic of Iran and participating in specialized exhibitions of the following countries:

Spain           Germany           Kazakhstan                 Malaysia

Thailand          Kenya              Vietnam                      Armenia


We invite all public and private economic activists who are interested in dispatching business delegation,  attending specialized exhibitions, launching exclusive exhibitions and pavilions in the countries listed above to send their requests to

According to the PTNKish partnership agreement with the Iranian Business Center in Kazakhstan, we invite all economic activists who are willing to attend the exhibition in Kazakhstan to send their requests to . the list of Kazakhstan exhibitions in 2018 is as follows:

  • International partner at The International Exhibition of Startup & New Services from 10th to 13th July, 2018 in Sun City Expo in Tehran
  • International partner at The International Exhibition of Tile, Ceramics, Porcelain, Sanitary Faucets, Decorative Stones, Machinery and Related Equipment from 12th to 15th October, 2018
  • Planning to hold The International Exhibition of Lighting Equipment and Ledex Related Industries
  • Planning to hold The International Exhibition of Event Formalities, Trade Negotiations And International Relations
  • Malaysian international Halal Show case)MIHAS 4-7 April 2018
  • Planning for joint international training courses in the following areas:
  • Business Writing at workplace
  • Business E-mail writing at workplace
  • Effective e-mail business writing
  • Effective Business writing - Roger
  • Communicating in Business English
  • It should be noted that participants in the course will be awarded a certificate from credible Malaysian universities. For further information and terms, please send us your questions and requests to
  • For more information please contact with 00989129211663